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All-in-one security for Sophos

Finally, there’s a solution that integrates endpoint security, Mobile Device Management (MDM), server protection and a secure web gateway for your Sophos® products.

Sophos Central, formerly Sophos Cloud, is a web-based management console that lets you monitor your security status. And its intuitive user experience makes it effortless to deploy and manage.

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A single interface to manage everything

Sophos Central lets you control your server security with ease, with features such as a one-click lockdown. You can centrally manage data and device encryption. The Email Gateway gives you the controls needed to stop spam, phishing, malware and data loss.

Sophos Mobile Control allows you to keep users productive while securing their mobile devices with minimal effort. The Web Gateway gives you privacy and filtering control for websites, and Endpoint Protection gives you insight into alerts, usage and more. 

Coordinated threat defense

Sophos Central allows you to manage Sophos’s award-winning Synchronized Security platform. Explore the benefits of Security Heartbeat, which ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other.

Find threats faster.

Threat indicators are instantly shared between Next-Gen Firewall and Next-Gen Endpoint to detect and prevent attacks.

Simplify investigation.

Active identification of compromised systems shares computer names, users and paths between your endpoint and firewall.

Minimize threat impact.

Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall, while the endpoint removes malicious software.

Complete, layered protection

Sophos Intercept X adds next-generation signatureless technologies on top of your current endpoint security to give you complete, layered protection.

Anti-exploit technology stops threats before they become an issue by recognizing and blocking common malware delivery techniques. CryptoGuard technology detects malicious data encryption to stop ransomware in its tracks. And root cause analysis shows you all the events that led to a detection.

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Sophos Cloud Optix

Complying with industry regulations no longer means increased IT complexity. Sophos Cloud Optix combines simple setup, centralized visibility and artificial intelligence-based analytics for a complete picture of your security posture.

Equipped with a comprehensive portrait across all your platforms, you’ll more effectively identify, respond to and prevent risks that can leave your vital information exposed.

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