An intelligent defense

Detect and remove malware in real time. Malwarebytes endpoint protection solutions automatically scan for the newest and most dangerous threats.

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Smart security

Using knowledge of previous attacks, Malwarebytes is able to successfully counter future threats.

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Worldwide trust

Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, Malwarebytes products are used by businesses across the globe.

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Comprehensive protection

A layered approach with multiple detection techniques delivers outstanding endpoint security.

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An all-in-one engine for incident response

Malwarebytes Incident Response provides a consolidated platform for fast scanning, detection and threat identification. Scan in different modes, including hyper, threat and custom, to uncover threats. And Linking Engine Remediation removes the artifacts linked to the primary threat.

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Prevent, protect, prosper.

With advanced features such as Web Protection, Application Hardening, Exploit Mitigation and more, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection adds a new level of security. The software actively detects threats and prevents applications from exposure across your entire organization.

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