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Overcome today’s challenges

Today, many businesses are using outdated hardware and software that cost more to fix and result in a major loss in productivity. Approximately 33% of small and medium businesses are using devices over four years old and the repair rate for these devices are three times higher. Lenovo devices with AMD processors over a powerful, affordable option to keep your business running and productive.

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Smarter tech. Smarter security.

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the workplace shift to hybrid models with ransomware, phishing scams and other cyberattacks. These attacks can impact your team’s productivity and data safety. Discover how Lenovo and AMD are protecting their devices with layers of robust security.

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How to improve workplace productivity and employee experience

To improve employee experience and drive productivity, you must understand today’s modern workforce and what tools they need to accomplish their task. Read the article to learn how Lenovo devices and AMD processors help overcome today’s biggest hurdles to productivity.

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